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Join the switch to better broadband.

There’s still time to get 3 months free broadband!

Sign up today for your 500Mbps 90 day free trial – after 3 months pay just £29.99 a month. But hurry, this offer ends 31st July 2024. See full T&Cs here.

Better broadband means...

Faster and more reliable

Your new ultrafast connection will give you game-changing speeds. What’s even better - full fibre is the most reliable broadband technology there is!

Better broadband means...

The same speeds ‘up’ and ‘down’

Your new broadband service will give you the same fast upload speeds as download speeds. That means no more waiting to post videos, back up your photos or share documents.

Better broadband means...

Stress-free installation

Your new broadband service will be installed by an expert engineer who will take care of everything, giving you a hassle free switch.

Better broadband means...

A better phone service

You can get a secure and reliable internet-based phone service with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) - you can even keep your existing number.

Better broadband means...

No mid-contract price rises

You won’t find any hidden costs when you switch to better broadband from Voneus, because we promise never to increase your prices mid-contract.

Better broadband means...

The best for your community

Better broadband means...

Get more, pay less

Take the Voneus Value Challenge to see for yourself how much you pay per Mbps today, and how much more you can get for your hard earned money. Don't know your speed? Run a speed test.

1 Enter your download speed
2 Enter your upload speed
3 Your current monthly package
Current Provider
Per Mbps
Per Mbps Upload & download
Better broadband means...

Boosting your business

Your start-up or small-to-medium business deserves better broadband too. Voneus business broadband comes with unlimited data and brilliant support to help you grow and thrive.

holiday park in the summer evening with voneus broadband
Better broadband means...

Better holidays

Enjoy a faster, wireless connection from the comfort of your holiday home. And if you run a holiday park, why not enhance your customers’ experience with superfast, wireless broadband.

Better broadband is...

Who we are

We specialise in bringing fast, reliable broadband to hard-to-reach communities. Our mission is to help you join the switch to better broadband - no matter where you live.

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