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Reliable business broadband solutions for small and medium sized business from as little as £67.99 per month

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Rural businesses rely on good broadband as much – if not more – than city centre companies. Whether it’s for ecommerce, web development, or simply better communication, Voneus has a business package to ensure that your company operates at lightning speeds.

Robust, Superfast business broadband offering a variety of connectivity methods and speeds, for multiple users, multiple sites and heavy monthly usage.

No matter how rural your location, call us on 0800 007 3377 to discuss your requirements.

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Select any of the items below to learn how we can provide a business-grade broadband or Managed Internet Access connection to your business premises.
Standard W-FTTP broadband
In most cases Voneus can provide your business with broadband speeds of 30-50Mbps, if it is available in your area.  Business Broadband is priced at £67.99 per month (including VAT or £56.66 excluding VAT) which gives you, among other things, traffic prioritisation over other non-business traffic on our network during business hours.
Standard FTTP broadband
If you are within an area that we can reach with our partner true-Fibre network then we can provide you with up to 1Gbps synchronous broadband straight to your property.  Call us on 0800 007 3377 to establish whether you are in an area served by this network and if you are, then you can choose from a range of business fibre products.
Bespoke W-FTTP
If you are not in an area normally served by one of our many wireless networks around the UK then we may be able to provide two options for you.

  1. A spur from an existing network that feeds your property(s) directly.
  2. A dedicated wireless connection from another network that feeds your property(s) directly.

In either case we will have to undertake some work to establish the method and costs around doing this and a dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to you for this purpose.  They would be your single point of contact during the process. Contact us for more information today.

Bespoke FTTP
We can provide competitive Managed Internet Access fibre circuits that are delivered to your property directly, with speeds up to 10Gbps from the Virgin Media Business network and 1Gbps from the Gigaclear network. We are tier one partners with both upstream providers and would suggest that our prices are extremely competitive for any combination of bearer channel (100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps) and Access Bandwidth. All orders through Voneus are managed by your dedicated Project Manager including the KCI1, KCI2, and KCI3 (“Keeping Customer Informed”) stages of the circuit delivery. Contact us for more information today.