More about Voneus Villages

This page explains how Voneus Villages works, where you can get it and how you can participate in our trial.

A few things to remember


The table to the right shows the entire list of destinations and the per minute rates.

  • They are shown in per minute in the base unit of GBP (pounds).  In other words £0.001 is 0.1 pence per minute.
  • We charge in per-second increments.  This means that if you make a call for precisely 10 minutes at the rate of £0.001 per minute you will be charged 0.1 pence for that call.  Similarly if you were on the phone for 6 minutes 0 seconds at a rate of £0.024 per minute it would be 14 pence.
  • If the cost of an individual call is below 2 pence then we will charge you precisely 2 pence for the call.
  • These rates occasionally change (albeit rare) and when they do it is normally international rates that do change (and again, normally to “difficult” destinations such as mobile telephones in remote parts of the world.  If the rates do change we would e-mail you and let you know what rates have changed and when they change.