Broadband networks we are building

This page contains the latest information about the networks we are building around the country

Below you will find a list of the wireless broadband networks that we are building.  They are listed by county and then by project and are updated twice a month – more if there are significant updates in the intervening period.

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Bedfordshire (and Hertfordshire border)

DUX – Dunton (Hinxworth, Edworth and Eyeworth)

Update published Friday 27th April 2018

We now have access to St Mary Magdalene Church at Dunton to install the additional link to Hinxworth. This work is scheduled for the 2nd and 3rd May.  We are also in the Hinxworth area on the 4th of May to install equipment in your premises in readiness for our service going live.

Once Hinxworth is fully live we will look to extending our service to Edworth ,we have a radio site identified and terms are verbally agreed (many thanks to the owner).

Those of you that live in the Eyeworth area, we need more customers so that we can plan to bring our service to you.


IVA – Ivinghoe Aston

Update published Monday 30th April 2018

I am pleased to announce that the project to bring broadband services to your location has now entered the site acquisition stage.  This means that our design is signed-off and we are planning to build the network in the coming weeks.

If we approach you, we would appreciate your support in hosting our equipment.  It is not too large and it will help both you and others receive better broadband services sooner. 

NTW – Bishopstone, Kimble and Meadle

Update published Friday 27th April 2018

After such a long time waiting and despite several difficult issues to overcome, we have managed to install the new pole last week. We are planning to install our radios in the week commencing 7th May and hope to be live on the 10th of May.

We have also erected a 15m lattice Tower at Doe Hill Farm to give us better line of sight and network performance into the area. Many thanks to Alun Jones for supporting us all the way through this lengthy process.

I’ll update you again as we approach live operations and delivery of your broadband service.


ETV – Eaton and Tiverton

Update published Friday 27th April 2018

I am pleased to report that we have commenced the project to bring broadband services to your area. Our survey and design team is working hard to find the best locations to bring fibre in to the area and to locate radio sites. Once we have candidate sites, we will check to ensure we can deliver to as many properties as possible. We will then install our radio equipment and progress with speed to a finished network.



FAR – Fairford

Update published Monday 30th April 2018

I am sorry to report that we continue to experience further delays to our acquisition of the remaining radio sites where we need to install important wireless equipment required to deliver your broadband service. We have not yet reached agreement and may need your help to make further progress.

As for the church, we are working closely with the DAC to ensure they have all the information they need for their review and approval of our proposal. We have some better news, we have found a location with existing fibre  with clear line of sight to the church which can significantly expedite delivery of your services once we have all the radio sites acquired.

If I could ask for one more thing that would help us, it is the willingness of some of you to host our equipment on your property.  It’s not too large and you would be helping both yourself and others in the community get better broadband sooner. 

UPL – Upleadon

Update published Monday 30th April 2018

I am pleased to report we have made good progress with the survey and network design for this location despite all the difficulties we have faced in this area to date.  We are hoping to sign off the design by the end of next week and initiate radio site acquisition and build. I will update you with progress in two weeks. 

Greater Manchester area

DMA – Dunham Massey and LBO – Little Bollington

Update published Monday 30th April 2018

Firstly, may I acknowledge that our delivery process has been frustratingly long in your area, much longer than was anticipated by us and certainly by you all.   It has been a long journey and we have seen delivery dates slip a number of times, but we are still fighting to get the fibre linked into the radio network as soon as possible. 

We continue to work closely with the church authorities to obtain build permission, once this is achieved, we will go live immediately.   As you know, the fibre is ready and live so once we receive the green light from the church, we will go ahead and commission the network. In addition, we have three remaining radio sites to be acquired and built and I am pleased to report that we have verbal agreements in place for all three.  We are so very close now.  I will arrange for weekly updates to be sent if there is any risk or issue affecting delivery date. We apologise for the ongoing delays and thank you for your continued patience. 


CLS – Charlton and Little Somerford

Update published Monday 30th April 2018

I am pleased to report that work preparing the fibre connection at the Minety Water Tower is progressing well.   It is anticipated to have the fibre delivered by the end of May.  At the same time, we are also working closely with the church authority to ensure we prepare and submit all information they need to help them review and accept our proposal.

If you are living in Garsdon, we have made good progress identifying a radio site that has the capability to transmit signals towards your area, some of you are aware of this progress!  We still need an additional site between your location and that nominated site so that we can transmit signals all the way into your area without affecting the speed and quality of service.   We are working with the owner of a candidate site to obtain access to their building to complete our design. I will report once this site is acquired and accessed.

YAT – Yatesbury 

Update published Monday 30th April 2018

I am pleased to report that the fibre connecting your area to the wireless network is due to be delivered soon. 

In the meantime, we are planning to build the wireless network in the next few weeks in preparation of service going live. There are two radio sites in acquisition and we are hoping to receive support from the owners so that we can expedite what can be a lengthy process.

I will write you in two weeks to update you on progress and to invite you to make appointments to install your terminals.

Yorkshire (North and West)

BRE – Brearton

Update published Monday 30th April 2018

Build progressing well,  several radio sites are built and powered up, CPE appointments can booked via our Customer Services team now.  Fibre delivery is moving fast. we are hoping to send the area live by mid June.