I’m sorry!

From the postcode information you have entered it looks like we may not be operating in your area.

But this may not be definitive because:

  • we might not have precisely matched your postcode to an area we are operating in ;
  • we may be about to build a network in your area but have not yet updated our systems ; or
  • you might be just outside of our service area and because of this might be able to get a service to you.

Therefore, we invite you to call our Sales Team for free on 0800 007 3377 during normal office opening hours or by completing the form on the right of this message and a member of staff will get straight back to you so that we can double check the results.

What about building a network in your area?

If you want to speak with a company that solves connectivity problems in some of the most rural parts of the country, then click the link to learn more about our community engagement process.  It might not be a quick win – but the end result would be a win.

Complete the form below and a member of our staff will get straight back in touch with you.
  • Anything that would be helpful include things such as that you would like get the service delivered into multiple rooms or that you are completely surrounded by trees.
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