Decent broadband is vital for the economic and social well-being of everyone in the UK.

To its credit, the Government recognises this, and has funded a number of initiatives to upgrade and improve access to the nation’s infrastructure. Many of the rural communities we serve have used Government-backed vouchers to help fund their new superfast networks. This funding has made a massive, positive difference to residents’ everyday lives.

However, the Government’s latest aim – to create a full-fibre Britain, where every home and business has fibre right to the doorstep – is deeply flawed. We believe that some 300,000 UK households will never get fibre-to-the-home – it’s just not economically viable to dig up roads and lay cable to each and every residence.

Our CEO, Steve Leighton, was featured in TMT News this week, talking about why the Government needs to take off its full-fibre blinkers and think about alternative ways to get more homes connected, and quicker.

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