Project Status For: TAL - Talaton, FTTP progress for ‘TAL – Talaton’

Project Description

Project Timing

  • Start Date: 11-01-2019
  • Predicted End: 04-01-2020

Current Tasks

This stage involves making a determination as to which premises within the wireless broadband footprint will be converted into FTTP in the first instance. Once this complete we purchase highly detailed gazeteer information from the Ordnance Survey and take data from OpenReach for the same geographical footprint for insertion into the software we use to design to the precise design of the new network

Current Holds

There are currently no issues or anticipated delays with the delivering this project.

Project Overview and Overall Progress

20% 20% Desktop design

This stage involves designing the network route and how it gets into each premises precisely. The outcome will be what ducts we will be putting fibre cable into, which telegraph poles we propose to string fibre along and then from to individul properties and where the streetside cabinet will be put.

40% 40% OpenReach order entry and surveying

This stage involves entering the requirements into the OpenReach platform not unlike adding the ducts and poles into a shopping cart and pressing the 'order' button. Once this is complete and verified by OpenReach we will be asking them (or an authorised contractor) to literally put flexible metal rods into the proposed ducts to see if they are blocked or not. This work will also involve checking which telegraph poles are safe to climb because as the wood gets old they start to rod and cannot be climbed after a while.

60% 60% Spine delivery phase

Once the results of the surveying phase is complete and any modifications to the design taken into account we will enter the delivery phase. This involves OpenReach or contractors physically visiting the village and putting the cable into the ground, onto telegraph poles and putting the street side cabinet in place. This phase finishes when all the cables are connect to one another and all the equipment is installed, tested and is working ready to service customers. We will also connect our existing fibre in the village to the system.

80% 80% Your installation

The final phase of the project is booking individual appointments from you, our customers, to take a cable from the nearest "fibre node" (the underground connection points) or telegraph pole. This work is undertaken by our own engineers and they will visit your premises and remove the wireless equipment, make good any holes, etc, and then install the cable into the premises, put int the new wall boxes and connect your router to make it all work.