With many people working from home, self-isolating and home-schooling, now – more than ever before – families need home entertainment that informs, educates and keeps the cabin fever at bay.

Television has progressed beyond recognition to be much more interactive, far from being a simple gogglebox in the corner of the living room.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with huddling around the television, sharing popcorn, and rediscovering film classics or finally catching up with the must-see series that everyone was watching in 2018. In fact, now is the perfect time to see Gone With The Wind all the way through, or find out what all the fuss was about in six seasons of ‘Lost’.

However, with more than 100 channels, including 17 exclusive ones, netgem.tv offers content that will bring the family together in far more imaginative ways.

Here are our top tips on keeping everyone happy and fulfilled without leaving the safety of you home:

  • Dad might well be missing his sporting fixes but can relive moments from sporting history via YouTube. Top Premier League goals of the decade anyone? Or, even better, watch and practise skills and tricks videos in the garden or living room and impress the kids with your Cryuff Turn.
  • Get fit as a family. Join the regular 700,000 families joining body coach Joe Wickes every morning at 9am on YouTube. Whilst the squats and lunges will hurt, it’s worth it to see Dad springing around the living room doing kangaroo hops!
  • Cook together. With more time on our hands, and a shopping list that may include some weird and wonderful new ingredients due to unpredictable supermarket stocks, now is the time to experiment in the kitchen. Cooking is a skill for life, so discover cookery channels offering some new simple family favourites and some fancy cheffy tips. If your usually busy life has become more sedate, then enjoy and cherish making time to cook and eat properly.
  • Missing the great outdoors? Journey into the natural world without leaving your living room with NatureVisionTV. Stunning filmography of mountains, sea, jungles and wildlife from across our planet are a tranquil and relaxing way to see the world, and might even inspire planning future adventures.
  • Embrace your inner child, and don’t worry about the mess (plenty of time for clearing up) with inspiring craft activities. YouTube offers tips on making your own slime and an abundance of messy fun ideas using yogurt pots, lolly sticks and glue. You’ll be amazed at the fun you can have with glitter and finger paints, with or without children!
  • For youngsters and teenagers with stars in their eyes, turn the sitting room into your very own karaoke bar, and sing along with KaraokeTV. You could all croon along, or become judges in the style of Simon Cowell or The Voice.
  • Or bring a party atmosphere to the kitchen with ClubbingTV – the first international TV channel exclusively dedicated to dance music, DJs and festivals. They’ll provide top DJs, just add your own moves – glow sticks optional.
  • Relive years gone by with classic British comedy, documentaries, film and dramas. Britbox TV offers the biggest box of British boxsets from the BBC and ITV, including many award-winning series. Britbox offers a well-deserved evening treat for parents juggling work from the kitchen table whilst playing headteacher or for stressed out key workers on NHS or supermarket front line.

For those feeling isolated, why not plan your viewing with friends and family, and watch together from a distance? There’s enough on netgem.tv to keep everyone going for months! 

Sign up to netgem.tv with your Voneus broadband and you’ll also receive 12-months Amazon Prime included. And with actual shopping trips at a bare minimum, it’s ideal for delivering those essentials you now need: whether baking tins, double sided sticky tape, a new gym kit while you develop your six pack, or a six pack of beers to complement all that new viewing!