Large and complex outdoor sites

We manage the on-site networks for quarries, oil refineries and distribution centers. We are experienced in building effective and complex networks for both rural communities and big business, so we can help to design, build and manage any sized outdoor network.

Ultra-rural connectivity

We provide connectivity and bandwidth to places that other providers simply cannot get to.

CCTV installation and monitoring

We manage and provide specialist CCTV, alerting and response services to the aggregate and petrochemical industries in the UK and provide support through our 24/365 control room.

Specialist airport connectivity

We provide fibre and wireless connectivity solutions for airports including RAF Fairford, Cotswold and Gloucester Airports.

Welcome to Voneus Network Managed Services


In February 2018 Voneus acquired Lde SmartAlarms Limited, a specialist provider of connectivity and security services to various companies and hundreds of locations throughout the UK.

The combined company, named “Voneus Managed Services” can now offer a number of additional services to our customer and these are outlined below.

CCTV services

At Lde, we have been installing, maintaining and monitoring CCTV systems for over 10 years.

We approached the CCTV market from a data communications background after a request from one of our existing customers to monitor their cameras as well as their network. We feel this gives us a big advantage over most of our competitors when designing and installing new systems.

We specialise in monitored CCTV using our own developed SmartAlarms systems, with 24/7 in-house monitoring staff.

About us

At Lde (aka Voneus Network Managed Services) we have been providing Managed Digital Services since our inception in 1988 and have been at the forefront of the data communications industry ever since.

Over that time we have been pioneers of mobile IP, IP CCTV and also VoIP telephony, offering all three aforementioned technologies to our customer base for over 10 years; much longer than the vast majority of our competitors. We also continue to offer various historic protocols which allows us to support a vast range of different environments and infrastructures.

Our notable achievements include being responsible for the first ever landing of a Eurofighter Typhoon on a civilian airfield, after working closely with the MOD to provide them with an appropriate secure data connection to upload the planes telemetry, something which had never been achieved before.

We are experienced in managing networks of over 1,000 devices in places which include major international airports such as Gatwick and Stansted, and also provide stable, secure data connections for a host of Formula One teams during in-season testing, allowing them to analyse data at their team headquarters in real time rather than having to wait until they return.

Our SmartAlarms monitored CCTV system has been developed over the last ten years from a data communications point of view and is now in its fourth iteration, taking advantage of the latest in IP CCTV technology.

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Network Management and Support
Lde can offer management and support of any sized network, whether it be a single LAN with just a few PC’s and printers, or a 1000+ node Wide Area Network. We are a true data communications company, not simply another Internet Service Provider or IT support company. Our 24-hour in house support desk, nationwide coverage and expertise in networking mean that we can offer the kind of support and management that is expected of a business critical network. We are happy to support both newly implemented networks and also existing networks, please feel free to get in touch to arrange an audit.
MPLS and Wide Area Networks
Lde can manage, on the customer’s behalf, the implementation of any wide area network from initial sizing and analysis through configuring to physical installation, commissioning and troubleshooting. Following implementation and acceptance we are able to provide full 24×7 monitoring, support and maintenance from our Network Management Centres in Swindon, Kemble and Telford. Our engineers are familiar with all aspects of Wide Area Network provision and our designers have in depth experience of the integration of all standard, and many non standard protocols, including ALC, SNA/SDLC and Bisync. We have specific expertise in the design, implementation and support of IP based Wide Area Networks. Lde are not consultants, we actually provide working solutions to meet the customer’s needs and budget. We are able to seamlessly migrate legacy networks to new technologies with the absolute minimum disruption. Our customer base speaks for itself and we can provide references from major companies in the Oil Distribution, Aggregates and Broadcasting industries to support our claims. We are confident that we can meet your business needs and as such we are very happy to discuss your requirements and to produce initial proposals without any cost or obligation.
Heritage Protocol Support

We are specialists in heritage protocol support, with highly experienced knowledge of legacy protocols and the technologies behind them. We can provide the most suitable system solution for your needs, large or small. Data Communications have advanced tremendously over the past 20 years from when transmission speeds of 1200bps over standard telephone lines were thought to be leading edge technology. Today we do not even blink when talking of 1Gbps. At Lde we have the expertise to handle not only current leading edge protocols and technologies, but the legacy protocols and technologies that still remain the foundation of many applications in the oil distribution, aggregate, retailing, finance, airline and engineering sectors. Supported Legacy Protocols include: Legacy Protocols include:

  • IBM 3270, IBM 3770, IBM 3780, IBM 5250, IBM 3767
  • ICL C02, ICL C03, ICL 7502
  • Sperry UTS 200
  • Honeywell VIP, Honeywell/Bull 7800
  • Airline IPARS, ALC (P1024B), UTS (P1024C)
  • X.25, X.3, X.28, X.29, X.75
  • DEC VT52, DEC VT100, DEC VT220, DEC LAT
  • Videotex
  • Generic Binary Synchronous Communications (BSC)
Network Audit and Advice
At Lde, we are more than happy to come and perform a full audit of any existing network. This will allow us to report back any potential flaws or weak spots, and how best to overcome them. One of our biggest strengths is our ability to learn and understand the exact requirements and working practices of each client, and tailor our services and advice accordingly. We therefore will not advise on any measures that we feel to be unnecessary for your specific needs.
Business Critical Connections and Leased Lines
We understand better than most that these days the communications infrastructure is essential to the success of any business. We can offer a variety of different services if you cannot risk any downtime from your network, phones or internet. One of these services is our leased lines. We can offer dedicated, business critical circuits at extremely competitive prices, either as part of a WAN or as a standalone connection. Please feel free to get in touch to see what we can offer if you rely solely on your communications infrastructure.
Onsite and Cloud Based Data Storage
Lde can implement, support and manage a wide range of both onsite and cloud based data storage services. We specialise in “real” disaster recovery. If you rely on being able to quickly access your data, even in an emergency, then we can design a data storage system to meet your exact requirements. Whether that be a simple file server located in your office, or a host of shadow and backup servers located in different data centres, we can guarantee the kind of security and back up that you require.
Structured Data Cabling
We have a team of experienced full time field engineers that can carry out new installations, audits of existing installations and both basic and in-depth fault diagnosis on any kind of data infrastructure, from internal telephone cabling, to CAT5 and CAT6 data cabling, fibre optics and much more. We are happy to tackle projects from adding single network points to an existing installation to planning and installing entire structured cabling infrastructure for new buildings or refurbs. We only use the best materials with our physical installations to ensure you get the best possible performance and also integrity from any cabling installation.
Data and Telephony infrastructure extension
Whether it be extending a telephone line to a new room, or extending a LAN to incorporate a new building or site, we have the expertise to extend any kind of network infrastructure for you. We have been doing such works for over 15 years, through using either existing copper cable where available, laying new copper or fibre optic cable, or installing high speed professional wireless links. Wireless links are a speciality of ours, and we have been installing them for our customers for over 10 years. We were one of the first to offer the service when the technology first developed and have stayed at the forefront of the industry ever since. These can often represent a huge saving over laying new cables, as there is much less labour involved.
3G, 4G, Satellite and Rapid Deployment of Services
We have been pioneers of Mobile IP for the last 15 years, and currently offer various types of mobile internet. We can utilise 3G, 4G and Satellite connections amongst others to offer internet services in environments that otherwise could not support them. These services are also extremely useful for rapid deployment when a new location is being commissioned, as it can often take many weeks for a traditional connection to be installed. They are also perfect for temporary environments such as cement plants, building site offices and much more. We are also specialists in integrating these mobile internet connections with an existing WAN.