SmartAlarms Monitored CCTV

Voneus Managed Services (formally “Lde SmartAlarms”) has installed and managed systems in many different environments, including petrochemical sites, quarries, forensics labs, ballistics testing facilities, film studios, yacht clubs, offices, shops and many more.

Our bespoke SmartAlarm software means we don’t have to be constantly watching banks of monitors to spot incidents because as soon as there is any movement on a site (motion activation, among other available triggers), the images are instantly sent live to our operatives via our encrypted network.  Our operatives will then either clear the alarm or take other action such as calling emergency services or the designated site contact.

Our operatives are on duty 24/7 at our in-house monitoring centre and the system will continue to present an alarm to them until it is appropriately dealt with.

This intelligent approach to CCTV monitoring means that we can design, install, monitor and maintain our systems at extremely competitive rates.

We currently offer two different types of system; SmartAlarms V3 and SmartAlarms V4. V3 utilises more traditional CCTV equipment mated to our IP video servers to keep installation costs to a minimum, whereas our newly released V4 system now boasts a wide array of extra health and safety and site management features, and takes advantage of the latest generation of IP cameras for vastly improved image quality.

SmartAlarms 4

We are constantly developing and updating the SmartAlarms system to expand its abilities and take advantage of new technologies. This has brought us to the latest iteration of the system SmartAlarms 4.

This latest version has been designed to fully incorporate the newest generation of IP cameras, meaning extremely high quality and detailed images, and also be used not just as security, but also as a complete site management and health and safety tool.

SmartAlarms 4 installations start at around £4,000 for a basic 4 camera system, with monitoring/maintenance starting from £243 per month.

Smartphone software is downloadable so that you can view and monitor the system and a complete list of other features can be found below.

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The information tabs below explain how the service works.  Please go through them one by one to understand the features and benefits of this service.

Situational alerting

Power cut
Bund full of water
Temperature drops/rise beyond thresholds
Heating oil running low

Vehicle and persons

Emergency exit opened
Vehicle blocking emergency exit
Vehicles using wrong entrance
Staff/vehicles in exclusion zones
Remove door unlocking

SmartAlarms 3

We have been installing our SmartAlarms 3 system with great success for the last seven years. It developed from our earlier systems and allows us to install and monitor high quality, professional CCTV security systems at very competitive prices.

By utilising more traditional CCTV cameras and using our SmartAlarms video servers to transmit the images, equipment and therefore installation costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

We also supply our own SmartAlarms DVR recorder units with every installation to record D1 quality footage 24/7 onsite, so you can be assured that your site will be well protected.

We use a mixture of virtual motion detection and also external PIR sensors to trigger the system, ensuring that all movement within the images is brought to the immediate attention of our operatives.

SmartAlarms 3 systems start at around £2,500 for a basic 4 camera installation and are monitored/maintained from just £152 per month.


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