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Give slow home broadband the heave-ho

Are your movies constantly interrupted? Can you actually make Skype calls? Does your FaceTime take a long time? If so, you’re in good company. Many thousands of families in rural Britain have to put up with slow home broadband. But not anymore. Voneus offers Superfast broadband speeds of up to 50Mbps to many of the UK’s rural towns and villages and in some places alongside our partnership with Gigaclear Plc, true “Fibre-to-the-Home” with speeds up to an unbelievable 1Gbps.  From the moorlands of Devon, to the villages of Somerset. From the Cotswolds, to the Norfolk Broads – we’re connecting homes across the land to blazing fast broadband.

Do more with your broadband

Working from home finally becomes a reality with Voneus Superfast/Ultrafast broadband. Upload and download even the biggest of files in a matter of seconds. Link up with colleagues and clients using video-calling. Accept and make payments online with ease. It’s not all work; the whole family can enjoy online gaming

Learn more from your broadband

We know for a fact that kids in houses with slow broadband are not able to access the same online learning tools that their schoolmates use, putting them at a disadvantage. Voneus puts all of this at their fingertips; BBC Learning, Mathletics, online curriculum tools, as well as the broader learning opportunities on the internet, are all easy to access.

Amazing TV needs amazing home Wi-Fi

Having your viewing pleasure interrupted by slow internet speeds is something that many of us have experienced – especially in rural areas. However, with Voneus, interminable buffering and dropped connections will soon be a distant memory.  Voneus home broadband means that you can enjoy BBC iPlayer, as well as the other on-demand services from terrestrial TV stations. With typical speeds of 30-50Mbps for Superfast and up to 1Gbps for Ultrafast, you can stream high definition films and programs from leading subscription services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The latest films & TV – in double-quick time

Watch popular series like House of Cards, The Crown, and The Grand Tour. If you don’t want to miss out on the sporting action covered on Sky Sports, you can buy one-off passes from NowTV without a need for a subscription. * *Netflix and Amazon Prime are subscriptions services. Visit their websites for details. Use of BBC iPlayer requires a TV licence. NOW TV is a pay-TV service with no contract. 

Ultrafast broadband

These are the products available to you using our fibre service. They will only be available for use when Gigaclear have built their infrastructure in your area and it is turned on and ready for use. We will keep you periodically updated as to the progress with this as the build continues.

Half price activation until June 2018.

Installation costs

Please take the time to understand the installation options and costs available to you by clicking on the items below.

You undertake the installation

If you would like to install the system yourself we can provide you all the equipment and instructions required do to so.  Gigaclear provides a connection point at the boundary of your property, normally at the perimeter of your garden and the road itself and the work would effectively involve plugging fibre cable we provide from this “pot”, through your property and into your home. We can provide at no cost a 10m, 15m, 25m, 35m or 50m cable and if you would like a longer one then 75m is £49.99 and 100m is £69.99.

Note that if you require a replacement cable you will be subject to a charge.

We install it for you

Free installation for all non-special project installations until June 2018

With this option we undertake the work on your behalf and connect you to the Gigaclear network. Installation charges are calculated according to the distance from the roadside “pot” to the entry point of the cable at your property and the type of ground the cable will be laid in. The calculation of the cost is based on the distance from the pot and the cable run length into your house (and in some cases the complexity of the work).  If you need us to visit the property to undertake a survey then we will charge you £60.00 (but you will not have to pay this if you property is considered to be a “special project”.

  • 10m or less from the road to inside your house – £129.99
  • 11 to 35m – £199.99
  • 36 to 100m – £299.99
  • All prices include VAT.

If the work involves any of the follow factors then a custom quote will need to be prepared for you following a survey and the results will be a “special project”.

  • 101m or more from the road to inside your house
  • we are required to lay hot tarmac to reinstate the ground
  • where more than 10m concrete or tarmac area is required to be reinstated
  • where over 5 metres of block paving or flag stone is required to be lifted and reinstated
  • some other unusual surface that will need specialist skills to lift and reinstate

All installations by us are subject to specific Terms and Conditions.

Additional costs you can elect for

Below is a list of additional services that you can elect for during the installation.

  • Internal white cable kit – £35
  • Internal cable run more than 3m – £85
  • Post-installation router location change – £100

Prices include VAT

Fibre from Voneus – Ultrafast broadband for rural communities.


If you want to know more then contact us by calling free on 0800 007 3377 during normal office hours or use the availability checker above to see if we are already providing services in your area.