Home telephony from Voneus

£5 per month

Our home telephony service costs £5.00 per month (including VAT) in line rental for our broadband customers (or £7.99 for non-broadband customers).  Calls to UK landline destinations are free and to other destinations incredibly cheap and we can also issue you a new telephone number or make use of your existing number. 

FRITZ!Box and Phone

Our broadband customers who elect for a home phone will receive a Fritz!Box with one DECT cordless handset.  Other handsets can be added by purchasing them throuhgh our online store.

Plug-in box

Alternatively we can send you a box that you simply plug into your broadband router, whether this is supplied by us or not.  You then simply plug your existing phone into this box and it works just like it did before (but better)!

Or Cordless and Mobile

You can also use our Smartphone app with the service and cordless (“DECT”) devices work with the system too giving you the choice of how you want to use your home phone.

Use your existing phone

With Voneus you can use your existing telephone, your Smartphone or use modern VoIP phones – or any combination thereof.  It’s totally flexible like that.  If you choose for the adapter, the only change you need to is to plug the phone (or the cordless phone base station) into the box we supply as opposed to plugging it into the wall socket.  The box provides a dial tone and works just like you would expect it to.  One of the big differences is the savings you make when you make calls and the advantages of using it with our mobile app.

The service also includes features you know and would expect, including:

  • Calling party identification.
  • Anonymous caller rejection.
  • Voicemail.
  • Call waiting.
  • Call diversion.
  • And more, click “features and benefits” button for information.

Making calls is cheap

Calls to most destinations, whether here in the UK or further afield, are inexpensive.  This is one of the inherent advantages of using Internet telephony and, for example, calls to UK mobile telephones is 0.2p per minute.  All of our calls are billed in per-minute units but charged in per-second increments.  All calls have a minimum charge of 2p, however.

More details about the service you need to know

it’s important that you understand the details of our service, so here are a few key issues that you will find in our terms and conditions.  This document is broken down into two parts, the main Terms and Conditions document and our Cybersecurity and Privacy Policy.


  • The minimum contract period is 12 months.  After this it is on a “monthly rolling” basis.
  • It is £11.99 per month to ‘rent the line’.
  • It is a minimum of 2p for each outbound call made that is to a chargeable destination.  A non-chargeable destination is any other Voneus customer, user of our Smartphone apps or calls that are normally free such as 0800 numbers.

Start the subscription process here

To begin using the Voneus Home Telephony service, please click on the button below.  You will be taken to a subscription form on the RightSignature™ web site that will allow you to answer all the questions we need to get you going and to sign the requisite contract.