Features you'd expect

The Voneus service includes the following features that you would expect of us …

It’s 60% cheaper than BT, on average.
Calling party identification.
Call screening (before you pick up).
Anonymous caller rejection.
Call waiting.
Call diversion.

You can also select what hardware you want with the service

Features you might not

Our service also a whole bunch of features that you might not expect, but may find really useful, including…

Web site management portal – manage the service and view your calls via our web site.
Call announcement
 – play a message to the callee before it rings at your end.
Follow me – phones can ring in a sequence or all at once.
Conferences – you can host a conference between friends or family.
Call recording – you can choose to record inbound or outbound calls.
Transfer calls between phones in your home or to a mobile.
Call hold – put the call on hold whilst you do something.
Call parking – so that you can tell someone else to “pick it up”.


Voneus and partners

One of the key differentiators between Voneus and our competitors is that we work closely with our partners whom ultimately provide and manage this service on our behalf.  We, Voneus, are responsible for the delivery of the service, supporting you using it and sending you a monthly bill.  And many of you will be our broadband customers so we will join the two bills together.

The entire system and service is also designed, built and hosted in the UK by people who understand our cultural needs.

Want to know more?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to give us a call and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

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