Welcome to Voneus

Getting high-speed broadband installed in more rural locations can be a bit of an adventure. It’s a problem-solving challenge that we relish here at Voneus, It’s why we’re here. 

On every broadband project that we undertake, we work closely with the local community to design and built the network, and deliver the service.we’re on first name terms with the people that we serve.

The Wireless Rural Broadband Specialists

It may well be that most of the people within the community that you represent already receive a solid connection that allow them to function on-line successfully. Conversely, however, you may have clusters of properties that are effectively “off the grid” and that receive a very low-quality service.

This is very much where we can help.

Exploring How We Can Help

We’d very much welcome the opportunity to discuss what we might be able to do for you and to show you what we’ve done already for dozens of poorly connected and difficult to reach communities across the UK.

If you’d like to know more about us please get in touch and I’d be more then happy to send you some further information, have an initial conversation or even arrange a meeting.

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Call Steve Leighton directly on 020 3026 4102