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About us

Voneus Network Managed Services (“VNMS”) is the corporate division of Voneus, one of the UK’s largest Fixed Wireless Access broadband providers.

VNMS specialises in two things.

One – the delivery of connectivity into large, complex and outdoor sites, such as quarries, petrochemical, civilian and military airports and sites.  Many of these are in non-urban areas and our pièce de résistance is delivering this connectivity into very complicated and very rural locations.

Two – physical site security and network continuity managed via our 24/7 control room.

Whilst Petrochemical, oil & gas, extraction & aggregates, transportation, agricultural business, rural business centres, civilian and military airports are just a few examples of the verticals that we work in, all our customers share a common problem – all are well outside of urban ‘traditional’ networks and all require a certain expertise to make them work.  We have just that expertise manifested through a combination of organic growth and acquisition of companies all of whom have brought unique expertise to the table that we share with our customers.

Being the corporate-facing division of Voneus, we leverage the reach of one of the UK’s largest fixed-wireless networks in one hand, and in the other, a long-standing pedigree in delivering services into these types of sites.  There is only a handful of operators whom could be called upon to deliver these types of services and we are the key provider in this space.

Our business runs 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and this is key comparator, because as you read this web page, our staff are monitoring over 800 sites around the UK, from the CCTV on a fuel storage depot in the Shetland Isles to the wireless network that runs in a quarry in Somerset.

CCTV services

VNMS has been installing, maintaining and monitoring CCTV systems in complex, outdoor and specialist sites for over 10 years.

We approached the CCTV market from a data communications background after a request from one of our existing customers to monitor their cameras as well as their network. We feel this gives us a big advantage over most of our competitors when designing and installing new systems.

We specialise in monitored CCTV using our own developed SmartAlarms platform, with 24/7 in-house monitoring staff.

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Large and complex outdoor sites
We provide connectivity to large and outdoor sites such as quarries, petrochemical sites, airports, depots and infrastructure providers.

Typically we install wireless networks on the site to ensure that staff and equipment have access to corporate IT systems and services and alongside this the provision of Internet access in places that would be otherwise extremely difficult to make work.  VNMS has significant experience in delivering connectivity in these environments, be it directly from the nationwide Voneus Fixed-Wireless network or through third-party wholesale backhaul providers such as Virgin Media Business or a BT OpenReach fibre tail.

We then manage the equipment that we install to make sure that it provides a continual service in these locations via our nationwide team of engineers and through our 24/7 control room.

Bespoke radio networks
Being a Fixed Wireless Access provider we have some expertise in delivering connectivity through radio networks and provide this to a number of corporate clients using dedicated radio links.  Most of these are through our own physical network, made up of installations on a wide range of assets such as office buildings, warehouses, silos, barns and mast sites.

Beyond the reach of our own network we work with a wide range of third-parties whom by working together can solve your requirement for the delivery of broadband connectivity to your site wherever this happens to be.

Our customers range from end-users all the way through to multi-disciplinary ICT providers who work on behalf of their customers solving a whole range of problems, where our help is just one part of the overall solution they deliver.

Network Management and Support
VNMS can offer management and support of your complex and outdoor network.  We are a true data communications company, not simply another Internet Service Provider or IT support company. Our 24-hour in house support desk, nationwide coverage and expertise in networking mean that we can offer the kind of support and management that is expected of a business critical network. We are happy to support both newly implemented networks and also existing networks.
Physical site CCTV monitoring
We provide a fully managed CCTV, monitoring and control room services to our customers who operate sites within the domain of our expertise. 

Aggregates, petrochemical and airports being just three of the types of sites that we provide 24/365 coverage for using surveillance equipment installed that is driven by the connectivity to the site that we also manage. 

As the two operate hand-in-hand, we monitor and respond to incidents on the site alongside business-as-usual processes as required by our clients through our staff all of whom are trained in the idiosyncratic requirements set by our customers.