Top 10 Christmas gifts ideas

Food, tech, crafts and more, with Christmas round the corner Voneus has 10 great gift ideas for you and where to buy them!

With Christmas just round the corner we know how much of struggle shopping can be, (believe us we’ve been there!), that’s why we’re sharing 10 affordable gift ideas for the holiday season. Food, tech, crafts and more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy:

1) Organic Plant-Based Nut Butters

For all nut lovers, Nutcessity are a small business based in the village of Ubley. If you know anyone who happens to be a foodie and a lover of nuts, then this brand is worth a browse.

Choose from a wonderful range of flavour packed, peanut free nut butters!

Some of their flavours include Gingerbread Almond, Coffee Walnut, Caromel Cashew and more.

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2) Customise a gift box

The perfect gift for when you don’t know what to gift, great for any occasion.

You can create your own personalised gift boxes or buy pre-packaged boxes to save you the hassle.

Choose a variety of gifts from alcoholic beverages, preserved flowers, chocolates, toys, diffusers and more.

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3) Echo Dot (4th generation)

Know a busy person in need of a virtual assistant?

The Echo Dot smart speaker with a clock and Alexa on voice command is the perfect alarm clock and personal assistant in one.

Users can control their smart homes using voice commands to turn off lights, stream music and connect with others via hands free calls too!

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4) Sculpd

The perfect gift for the craft lover, Sculpd provides easy to use at home pottery kits, perfect for sculptors of all abilities, users can unleash their inner Michelangelo.

Each kit includes premium air-dry clay, a ‘Step-By-Step Guide’, pottery carving & shaping tools, a tool bag, white acrylic paint, glossy waterproof varnish, two paintbrushes, and a sponge for smoothing.

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5) Facebook Portal Go

Want to keep your loved ones close with greater potability?

Facebook’s Portal Go is a great family friendly device, especially for those who cannot easily navigate smartphones.

Portability aside, this device has a built-in smart camera that pans and zooms as you move, keeping you in frame during your calls.

Calls can be made over WhatsApp, Messenger or Zoom and you can stream music too!

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6) Philips Hue Lighting

Whether you’re gaming, streaming, or chilling at home, Phillips Hue has a collection of smart lightbulbs, great for setting the mood for any activity at home.

With a wide range to choose from, users can control the colours, brightness, and function of their lights through, the HUE app on their phones, motion sensors and even voice command.

You can also sync your lights with friends and family, and you can still control your lights even when you’re not at home!

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7) Craft Beer Advent Calendar

Know someone who loves beer?

Why not treat that special someone to ‘The Ultimate Craft Beer Advent Calendar’?

All calendars include 24 cans of premium craft beer, snacks, a craft beer glass, socks (very on brand for Christmas) and beer mats!

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8) Studio Creator Deluxe Video Maker Kit

For your aspiring content creator and social media personality. The ‘Studio Creator Deluxe Video Maker Kit’ makes creating content simple and fun.

The kit contains everything you’ll need to create quality videos to share online or with family and friends.

All you’ll need is a smartphone and your good to go!

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9) Ring Door Bell

For those looking for that extra bit of safety for their home, the ‘Ring’ doorbell, is the perfect gift.

The ‘ring’ doorbell uses smart technology, with built in motion detection up to 30 feet away and a two-way microphone to communicate with people who approach your door. Creating convenience for those with no-contact deliveries

Through the ‘ring’ app on your phone, whether you’re away or at home, you can feel rest assured knowing who is at your door.

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10) Netflix & Disney Plus Gift Cards

For the film and TV lovers, those looking for more family time or parents who need a distraction for their kids, a streaming service subscription could be a great gift.

Whether they already have an account or have been raving about creating one, it’s never to late to give the gift of entertainment and storytelling.

Netflix gift card:

Disney+ gift subscription:

Published 03/12/21