New Christmas movies to watch this December

‘Tis the season to stream smoothly with our essential festive film guide

Hot take – we all know the greatest Christmas movie ever is Elf. Or perhaps it’s Home Alone, The Snowman for purists, or maybe even Die Hard. Well, guess what? They’ve got competition with a wide selection of new festive films to watch this December.

Check out our essential Christmas movie guide below and remember the best way to stream them is with ultrafast Voneus full fibre broadband, where even our most basic 250 Mbps package allows for super smooth viewing on multiple platforms and devices.

Let’s unwrap what’s on offer… 

1/ Best. Christmas. Ever!

Netflix available from 16 November 

Kicking off the festive film line-up is Best. Christmas. Ever! on Netflix. Every year, Jackie sends a boastful newsletter to her friend Charlotte. However, fate has a surprise in store when Charlotte unexpectedly lands on Jackie's doorstep. What follows is a delightful tale of friendship and the realisation that perfection may not be as it seems. Starring American singer-songwriter and actress, Brandy, alongside Heather Graham, the film promises laughter and a touch of holiday magic – and so it should with that title.

2 / Family Switch

Netflix available from 30 November 

Jennifer Garner is no stranger to the body-switching genre having starred in the cult classic 13 Going on 30 and now she’s back with a holiday special in Family Switch. Garner now takes on a new twist as she and her husband find themselves swapping bodies with their kids just a day before Christmas. Get ready for a hilarious and heart-warming adventure that explores the true meaning of family during the most wonderful time of the year.

3/ The Naughty Nine

Disney Plus available from 22 November 

For those dicing with the wrong side of Santa’s nice list, The Naughty Nine on Disney Plus adds a dash of Christmas mischief. When Andy discovers he's landed on Santa's naughty list, he rallies a group of similarly narked kids to embark on a mission to claim the presents they believe they deserve. This family-friendly film is filled with laughter, lessons, and a reminder that even the naughtiest among us can find redemption at Christmas.

4/ Red One

Amazon Prime late November/early December

Get ready for an action-packed and star-studded Christmas extravaganza starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Chris Evans. This upcoming adventure comedy promises to be a unique blend of Jumanji, Miracle on 34th Street, Hobbs & Shaw, and even a sprinkle of the Harry Potter series. According to Johnson, it's the perfect holiday concoction that will leave you entertained and uplifted… and who are we to disagree with a guy that size?

5/ Dashing through the Snow

Disney Plus from 17 November

Single dad Eddie, played by rap legend Ludacris, hates Christmas but he has a young daughter to keep happy. Suddenly, a man dressed as Santa Claus, played by Lil Rel Howery of Get Out fame, mysteriously appears in Eddie’s chimney and before they know it, he and his daughter find themselves part of a chaotic Christmas adventure. No teasers here, but will Eddie be able to regain his Christmas cheer?

6/ Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas

Apple TV+ from 22 November

While not explicitly a Christmas film, Hannah Waddingham, renowned for her role in Ted Lasso, spreads holiday joy in a musical spectacle filmed in front of a live audience at the London Coliseum. With the company of special guests, the performance showcases Waddingham's rendition of Christmas classics, backed by a vibrant big band. You can file this one under ‘wholesome’.

7/ Candy Cane Lane

Amazon Prime from 1 December

Eddie Murphy headlines a Christmas comedic journey, portraying a man determined to triumph in his neighbourhood’s Christmas home decoration competition. However, when Chris (Murphy) unintentionally enters into an agreement with an elf named Pepper (Jillian Bell), she unleashes a spell that brings the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ to life, leaving it up to Chris to somehow restore normality.

8/ Meet Me Next Christmas

Netflix release date TBC

With Christmas romcoms notably scarce this year, we’re pinning our hopes on singer-turned-actor Christina Milian’s whirlwind journey through New York City to secure tickets to a sold-out Christmas Eve concert. All in the pursuit of landing the man of her dreams, Milian’s mad dash is filled with harmonious twists.  

Of course, if none of this new batch tickles your fancy you can always revert to some Christmas classics safe in the knowledge our full fibre service will deliver buffer-free broadband faster than Santa’s sleigh.

With packages starting from 250 Mbps, you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming on multiple devices, allowing you to create the perfect Christmas movie marathon without the annoying pauses. Wishing you a joyous and fully connected Christmas from Voneus Broadband!

Published 04/12/23