Any home can be a Voneus Connected Home

Whether you live in a 16th Century Grade I listed cottage or modern property, Voneus can improve the wireless connectivity within the property meaning that you have the ability to use your devices in whatever room you want to.

Internet everywhere, indoors and out, as it should be.

Wi-Fi around your home

We can install a series of cable-connected Wi-Fi access points throughout your home to improve connectivity

Proper service

By having a tiny access point installed in each room it means that you are guaranteed a full and proper service wherever you are.

And your garden

We can even install an outdoor device to make sure that you get a good (and secured) service whilst you are enjoying your garden, however large it is.

Installed by us

Our trusted and professional team of engineers will undertake the work to the highest standards in exactly the way we agree with you.

No substitute for planning!

The Voneus Connected Homes service is all about planning how to get the signal around your home.  We will make our recommendations based on our thorough knowledge of what the best approach should be, whether this be the use of Ethernet to carry the signal around the property from room to room, or other technologies such as Powerline or wireless point-to-point.

Our service includes the surveying followed by  installation of the equipment throughout your home to achieve this goal – including the running of cables (which we normally do on the outside of your home to save pulling up floorboards and so on).

The end result is perfectly working broadband throughout your property so that you can use our Superfast or Ultrafast service as it was supposed to be used.

We can arrange for the survey to happen during the installation of the broadband in the first instance or it can be arranged as a separate visit.

It all starts with a survey

To get the ball rolling we need to visit your property* to discuss with you what rooms you might want great Wi-Fi to work in and how we would go about achieving this.  During the survey you can discuss and control costs with the engineer by selecting the right equipment and ensuring that the right number of Access Points are used.  Not every room might require an Access Point as the signal may go through landings and walls and the engineer will be able to try it out by plugging in the equipment and using a signal meter to make this determination.

The tabbed table on the right hand side gives you an idea of costs and the minimum cost for a single room on the system is £419.97 with additional rooms at £49.99 each.  The total cost will depend on a number of factors.

* we charge a nominal fee of £199.99 (including VAT) for a survey if you do not proceed with the service within 60 days of the delivery of the resultant quote.  This does not apply if we are surveying following the installation of our broadband service.

Select a tab for more information

The information tabs below explain how the service works and how the costs are calculated.  Please go through them one by one to understand how we deliver this service.

Individual room 'Access Points'

‘Access Points’ are small Wi-Fi repeaters that we install into individual rooms to ensure you get a great service in that room (at the very least).  We typically use a small Access Point called the MikroTik mAP(min Access Point) which should work in most rooms.  It is doubly advantageous insofar that it can be used to power the next device in the sequence meaning only a single cable needs to go around the outside of the home interconnecting all the rooms.  Each room you want a service in will need one costing £49.99 each.

Outdoor Wi-Fi

On the outside of your property we will typically use a small waterproof device called a wAP (“Weather-proof Access Point”) and this can sit neatly at a location with little or no wires showing.  The device can be bought in black or white and each costs £99.99.

The 'back office'

To power all the Access Points we will need a device that can inject power along the chain and control the devices as a single Wi-Fi cloud.  This device is a RB951Ui-2HnD and you will only need one of them costing £69.99.

The cabling

Typically speaking we cable on the outside of the property as it is a lot easier to run cables then through the home, especially older properties.  However, where it is feasible and we can easily run the cables indoors we will do.  In any case we run the cables along an route agreed with you.

Our daily rate

There is a flat daily rate for an engineer to visit your property and install the equipment.  Typically speaking we should be able to complete all the works in one or two days, but it depends entirely on the shape and size of your home and the number of rooms you want to connect.

The daily rate we charge is £299.99.

Finally, any bespoke kit

Each property is different and we have a variety of other devices we can use to solve individual Wi-Fi problems you might have.  Each of these can be discussed with the engineer who comes to survey your property.

Contact us to arrange a survey

If you would like an engineer to visit for a survey, the results of which will be returned to you as a no-obligation quote, please click on the button below to complete the form.