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Ultrafast broadband

These are the products available to you using our fibre service. They will only be available for use when Gigaclear have built their infrastructure in your area and it is turned on and ready for use. We will keep you periodically updated as to the progress with this as the build continues if you order with us before the service is live in your area.

Installation costs

Please take the time to understand the installation options and costs available to you by clicking on the items below.


Installation for the fibre connection from the Connection Point outside your property, through your land and into the property itself, varies depending on both the distance from this location and the type of material and land getting to your building.

There is a £99.99 survey fee in all cases of the installation and you will be visited firstly to undertake the survey and then secondly to install the equipment. Only upon the result of this survey will a determination be made as to whether there will be no further cost (as it is in 95% of cases).

If the distance between the nearest street connection point and the termination location is 100 meters or less

If the result of the survey is that it is less than 100m from the Connection Point through to the location in your property where none of the circumstances in the below box are apparent, then there is no further cost for the installation.

If there are special circumstances to provide the installation

If during the survey it becomes apparent that we need to:

  • Lay hot tarmac even if the distance is less than 100m;
  • We have to reinstate 10m of concrete or more;
  • Deal with 5m of block paving or flag stone lifting and reinstatement or
  • If there is any unusual surface that requires specialist skills to reinstate

…then we will provide you a bespoke price for this work for you choose whether to proceed or not.