So, we are not operating a network in your area right now – but we could be.

Voneus builds wireless broadband networks all over the country.  Some of the referrals we get are from frustrated would-be customers calling us and asking if we would consider a deployment to their areas, others are from church authorities and some even from Government.

In most cases Voneus will make a deployment decision based on a set of commercial criterion and the collaboration with a community.  Because we are not receiving grants or other funding we need to make a deployment commercially viable and those in a would-be community understand this.

The concept of a local Broadband Champion was partly designed to help mitigate this.  By truly understanding and working alongside those in a community, understanding their unique needs and local idiosyncrasies, we overcome any obstacles that would otherwise scupper the opportunity that would otherwise exist.

The decision whether we can or cannot deploy is a matrix of issues including the number of would-be customers setting out their commitment to take a service balanced alongside the complexity and equipment required in terms of infrastructure and where we get the ultimate fibre connection from.  In some cases where the fibre is within a town or city the construction costs (“ECC”) may be minimal or none.  But in other cases we have paid up to £50k for OpenReach to dig up the road to bring fibre 5-6km nearer to the community to then beam it in for use.

Is Voneus a company you would want to work with?

We certainly hope so because we try extremely hard to build a culture both inside our organisation of over 50 people and outwardly with our customers.  Voneus has set out a culture statement that drives our core values, they are as follows.

Being Professional

We make it easy for people to work with us
We make people feel valued
We provide world class service to each other, our customers and our partners

Staying Connected

We care about each other and our customers
We support and encourage each other to become the best versions of ourselves
We build strong relationships with each other, our customers and our partners – everyone in the Voneus family

Having Integrity

We do what we say we will
We are open and honest in all our communications, internally and externally
We each take responsibility for living and promoting the Voneus values

Being Hungry

We create an environment where people can achieve
We act with humility in all that we do
We are driven by our desire for excellence

Alongside this we think that we have the people, tools, resource and experience that is unique in the marketplace delivered by those who work in our various teams from Community Engagement, through to survey and design, then onto the actual engineering work followed by our customer services and finance teams.

If you would like to know more than contact us by pressing the button below and let’s see what we can achieve together.