Currently, we are not operating a network in your area – but, with YOUR help, WE could!


Voneus builds wireless broadband networks all over the country to connect the disconnected.

Requests come from frustrated residents and businesses in rural communities, through church authorities and even from Government. In most cases, Voneus will make a deployment decision based on a set of commercial criterion and the collaboration with a community. 

Because we are not receiving grants or other funding, we need to make a commercially viable decision to build a network.

The decision whether we can or cannot deploy is down to a number of things – including the number of potential customers setting out their commitment to take our service balanced alongside the complexity and equipment required in terms of infrastructure and where we get the ultimate fibre connection from.

By truly understanding and working alongside your community, your needs and local problems, we can overcome most obstacles that would otherwise scupper the opportunity to deliver Superfast broadband to your area.

Working with a local Broadband Champion can support us to achieve this, so, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with someone in your community who would like to help us deliver better connectivity services.